MonthAugust 2012

Enterprise IT adoption

This is hilarious and exactly how it goes in enterprise IT. Though I do think things are even worse. The paradigm in the past used to be that new technology trickled down from government/research to big vendors to enterprise and then to SMBs and consumers. This is entirely reversed now and not only from a consumer perspective. Startups and smaller companies is where innovation happens. The problem with (most) enterprises is not just the late adoption cycle. It’s the lack of culture and processes that can support innovation and rapid iteration.

Security and Hadoop

Just a short article outlining some possible security problems with Hadoop. I think that’s becoming a larger issue with a lot of NoSQL and other products. Things are moving pretty quickly and it’s a great thing from an operational perspective, but a lot of the products haven’t undergone rigorous security testing and there are lot of risks that aren’t accounted for.

Graphite and statsd

I’ve been playing around with a statsd module for Nginx. Looks pretty good so far and compiling it in didn’t give me any problems. Here is a Graphite graph of page requests to this blog.

Microsoft Surface

There are rumors that the RT version will sell for $199. If that’s true, it can be huge. I don’t think MS has any other option than to subsidize the device in order to gain market share. It definitely will have a wide ranging appeal, especially at that price point. To share a little anecdote; I have a completely non-tech friend who put off his tablet/laptop purchase based on what he heard about Surface so far. To him, it sums up as “a tablet that can run all my apps”. I am sure he is not the only one. (though that doesn’t apply to RT version).


Yet another very cool use of Nginx. Reverse caching Redis with LUA scripting.

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