MonthAugust 2012

Uneven Bars

This video shows how uneven bars in gymnastics evolved through the years, starting in the 50s. The girls now seem about a third of the size, move at 5x speed and their moves look straight out of a video game.




Came across this today. Looks like a nifty little configuration management tool. Certainly far more basic than Puppet or Chef, but might be a decent way to get started with configuration management if you’re not there yet.


New article on SANS covering SEIM. Talks about log collection in general and specifically focusing on open source approaches. It mentions an excellent Linux security distro: Security Onion

Usain Bolt

The title of this article says more than anything else I could add.


“Usain Bolt celebrates 100m gold with Swedish women’s handball team”

Targeted Intrusion Remediation

Interesting blog post about remediation and response to persistent & targeted attacks. White paper and slides are linked from the post. I am not sure where I stand on this. I understand the logic and the need for effective remediation and determining scope of the incident. However, given the assumptions in the paper: “organization inexperienced in dealing with targeted intrusions” and “security team has poor visibility into host and network activities”, I have serious doubts that this type of a team will be able to execute¬† the process effectively. At a minimum, some form of containment should be higher on the priority list.


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