MonthSeptember 2012

Father of the Year

Great set of pictures.


UNIX tricks

Some nifty uses of old commands.


CRIME Attack

SSL is now vulnerable to session hijacking in some circumstances. If your site runs SSL/TLS, the compression needs to be off.


Browser Security

There was a recent poll where Opera came out on top as the most secure browser and this article tries to figure out why. It is indeed the most “secure”, but for a whole different reason. It’s the same reason as Apple used to claim that they didn’t have viruses. It’s just “security by obscurity”. Because the market share is so small, most malware authors won’t bother to target that particular browser. If Opera was #1 in market share, I would posit that it’d be marginally different from any other browser.


Obama’s Way

A profile of Barak Obama by Michael Lewis (of the Moneyball and Big Short fame). Politics aside, it’s a rare look inside of what it means to be president.


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