MonthMay 2013

Password fails, continued.

I’ve noticed that one when registering for my ADT online account. That account allows you to manage your secret passwords, turn off your security system, etc.

These are so common these days that you could probably have a blog dedicated to them alone. It’s annoying when it happens in general, it’s bad when your favorite financial institution does it, but it’s particularly egregious when it’s done by a security company. Even if that security company is in a business of physical security. Perhaps it’s even worse that it’s in that space, since it can mean your personal security is at risk.




The Girl Who Turned to Bone

Occasionally you come across articles about rare diseases and I often find them captivating. This one is particular is amazingly well written and reads almost like a short story. This is about a rare disease called FOP or Fibrodysplastia Ossificans Progressiva. There have been ~700 confirmed cases in the world.


Video Game Economics

A great article about hyperinflation in Diablo 3.

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