What People Eat

Delicatesen with love. Photographs and recipes of what Grandma’s cook around the world.

The Girl Who Turned to Bone

Occasionally you come across articles about rare diseases and I often find them captivating. This one is particular is amazingly well written and reads almost like a short story. This is about a rare disease called FOP or Fibrodysplastia Ossificans Progressiva. There have been ~700 confirmed cases in the world.



I’ve spent countless hours on Tetris back in the day, but these guys are on another level.


Caffeine in the Sea

Apparently the ocean in Pacific Northwest is polluted with caffeine. So now you can just drink seawater instead of starbucks. I can almost visualize all the fish, strung up on coffee, jumping in and out of the water all day long. Their version of bouncing off the wall.


I once got into an argument with a friend of mine about the “Soap Opera” effect on new TVs. He was trying to convince me that it’s a sign of an amazing television set. I wish I had a link to this article to show him at the time.

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