Google Reader

Hitler laments Google Reader shutdown. That didn’t take long.


Caffeine in the Sea

Apparently the ocean in Pacific Northwest is polluted with caffeine. So now you can just drink seawater instead of starbucks. I can almost visualize all the fish, strung up on coffee, jumping in and out of the water all day long. Their version of bouncing off the wall.

Gangnam Style

Funny parody compilation. They even got my favorite Untergang in there.


Windows 8

To commemorate today’s Windows 8 release, here are a couple of classic commercials from the early days of Microsoft:

Ballmer going nuts on Windows 1.0 advertisement.


A 12-minute  commercial of one of Windows 2 versions. It starts getting surreal at about the 7 minute mark. Apparently in those days Windows came with a free drop of acid.


Zombie Kit

Because you can never be too prepared.


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