Father of the Year

Great set of pictures.



Worst Congress Ever

At least they still beat Fidel Castro in popularity. Once that’s gone then we are really in trouble.



IT Tales

Couple of funny posts on DailyWTF.

Just a warm up

Tale of the Cryptic Encoding


Security Fail

That’s nice.


Who is working?

This happened at one of the companies where I worked. My place was in a small office and the entire wall was taken up by a large TV, where we rotated various dashboards/health checks from our monitoring. One of the screens was monitoring our Apache servers.

A very nice woman came into the office, chatted with me for a little bit and then started looking at the screen with a puzzled expression. She then asked what was on there. This was great, since it wasn’t often that people showed interest in what we do.  I explained in laymen’s terms what were monitoring and why. However, she seemed particularly interested in the Apache monitoring screen. Some of the graphs on there were tracking the relative amounts of free/busy worker processes.

After I explained what it was, she seemed very relieved and said: “Oh, this is great. I always walked by the office and I thought you were tracking which employees were working or slacking off”.

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