Optical Illusions

Some interesting photography with optical illusions.


Zombie Kit

Because you can never be too prepared.


TCP Ants

Amazing discovery, but it’s a misleading URL. I am pretty sure it’s not the ants that are mimicking the internet. They may have been around a couple of years longer. I bet their interwebs don’t have lolcats though.



Uneven Bars

This video shows how uneven bars in gymnastics evolved through the years, starting in the 50s. The girls now seem about a third of the size, move at 5x speed and their moves look straight out of a video game.



English in India

Great quora post about the idiosyncrasies of English as spoken in India. When I first started working with an offshore Indian team, the phrase “please do the needful” confused the hell out of me. They also seem to use Mr. First Name a lot.

I remember looking it up at some point. There was a theory that this all stems from the time of East India Company. Apparently that’s how English was spoken at the time and after the British left, a lot of schools and textbooks remained the same. So while English evolved into the modern day version, a lot of Indians continue to learn and speak the version that was brought to them by the British a few centuries back.

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