I’ve been reading through the presentations that have been posted and found a few pretty interesting:

Go Daddy Compute Cloud – light on details. somewhat interesting.

Comparing Open source Private Clouds – nod bad. It’s an overview of the major players in the space, like eucalyptus, openstack, etc. He does mention OpenNebula, but doesn’t include it the comparison.

MySQL advanced replication – from Oracle. Mostly focused on the newer versions of MySQL, so if you’re stuck on 5.0/5.1 for whatever reason you’re SOL. No mention of Tungsten Replicator, which can do awesome things.

Reliability and scale in AWS. – a very good presentation. Succinct and to the point.

Apache HTTPD 2.4.0 – overview of what’s new. Sounds intriguing, though I haven’t tried it out myself.